Leaha Lifegiver of Skyfire

Direbeak Barbute of Dichroic
Aviak Cloak of Aether
Temporal Charm of Shaping
Record of Wroughtlands War
Temporal Hoop of Trickery
Temporal Earring of Spirit
Reflected Pauldrons of Shaping
Leaha Lifegiver
Precious Amulet of the Fractal Chorus
Direbeak Cuirass of Spirit
Felfeather Band of Ammolite
Direbeak Vambraces of Shaping
Direbeak Band of Shaping
The Hand of the Maker
Direbeak Bangle of Trickery
Direbeak Chausses of Balance
Felfeather Armlet of Balance
Cephalopod Sabatons of Sleighted Hand
Temporal Belt of Disruption
Stewed Charger with Pepitas
Splendor Smoothie
Skyglare Quickened Hammer
Direbeak Buckler of Malleability
Vultak Wand of Willpower
bear hide quiver

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