Solimax of Skyfire

Pre-Assembled Inventor's Barbute
Matriarch's Cloak of Effect
Left Charm
Chained Aetherscar Lath
Awe-Link Stud
Khalizevva Signant Hoop
Resilient Vahla Plate Vambraces
Matron's Celestial Periapt
Pre-Assembled Inventor's Breastplate
Ancient Envar Ring
Awe-Forged Purifier's Bracers
Blessed Arcanium Ring
Awe-Forged Gladiator's Gauntlets
Fate's Braided Bracelet
Matron's Plate Chausses
Blessed Arcanium Bracelet
Pus-Wrought Peddler's Sabatons
Fate's Braided Belt
Goblin Goo Stew
Battlemaster's Battle Brew
Zivier's Vengeance
Defender of the Mindfold Matriarch
Infernal Recurve
bear hide quiver