Mystree of Skyfire

Improved Ale Goggles
Deep Opal Cloak
Deep Opal Idol
Hopewell Charm of Insight
Hopewell Earring of Insight
Deep Opal Stud
Slaszh Vust's Mantle of Fortitude
Deep Opal Necklace
Chain Shirt of Certainty
Petrifier's Earthbound Ring
Chain Bracers of Certainty
Deep Opal Ring
Gorrok the Bloody's Gauntlets of Force
Hopewell Bracelet of Insight
Stone-Chiseled Chausses
Hopewell Bracelet of Foresight
Chainmail Boots of Certainty
Deep Opal Belt
Marr Cherry Cobbler
Blended Bamboo Brew
Expedient Trickster Maul
Marka Sailshot's Blade of Fortitude
Master Mora's Longbow of Force
mottled leather quiver