Samell of Skyfire

Devoted Sanctus Sallet
Shadowseeking Dazzler's Plated Cloak
Cowpoke's Gambit
Vleecan's Mustachio Comb
Annealed Shadelink Hoop
Papier-mâché Earrings
Valorous Sanctus Mantle
Fading-Gem Necklace
Worn Regulator's Linked Jacket
Ssraeshzian Ring of Yttrium
Chainmail Righteous Sanctus Vambraces
Brutto's Band
Devoted Sanctus Handguards
Ph'utha's Luclizite Cuff
Righteous Sanctus Chausses
Invisible Swordsman's Shackle
Righteous Sanctus Boots
Recuso Artisan's Braided Belt
Marr Cherry Cobbler
Blended Bamboo Brew
Disciple of Rhag Axe
Empowered Censer of Containment
Ancient Ka Vethan Longbow
bear hide quiver