Samell of Skyfire

Rubicite Chain Helm of Endurance
Cnidcara Cloak of Might
Left Charm
Darkstone Charm of Might
Darkstone Earrings of Force
Darkstone Earrings of Blasting
Rubicite Chain Shoulders of Endurance
Darkstone Necklace of Vitality
Darkstone Ring of Stamina
Rubicite Chain Bracers of Rage
Darkstone Ring of Alacrity
Resilient Awe-Link Gauntlets
Darkstone Bracelet of Frenzy
Spellwoven Awe-Link Greaves
Darkstone Bracelet of Frenzy
Resilient Awe-Link Boots
Etherstrand Belt of Force
Marr Cherry Cobbler
Blended Bamboo Brew
Metetherial Mace
Reshaped Amphitheater Tuner
bear hide quiver