Aleujia of Skyfire

Devoted Sanctus Sallet
Querent of Ruin Cloak
Bronzed Eye of the Beholder
Al'Kabor's Scintillating Pestle
Annealed Shadelink Hoop
Stud of the Midst Incantator
Valorous Sanctus Mantle
Ceremonial Amulet of the Tegi
Valorous Sanctus Cuirass
Ssraeshzian Ring of Yttrium
Chainmail Righteous Sanctus Vambraces
Dartain's Conjured Band
Devoted Sanctus Handguards
Bracelet of the Righteous
Righteous Sanctus Chausses
Ph'utha's Luclizite Cuff
Righteous Sanctus Boots
Recuso Artisan's Braided Belt
Giant Panther Stew
Strong Evervictorious Rum
Ssraeshzian Taskmaster's Mace
Recuso Rhenium Buckler
Ancient Ka Vethan Wand