Laedee Wildflower of Skyfire

Judicious Sanctus Leather Hood
Querent of Ruin Cloak
Bronzed Eye of the Beholder
Umbrageous Aura
Stud of the Midst Incantator
Annealed Shadelink Hoop
Valorous Sanctus Leather Pauldrons
Laedee Wildflower
Dirigible Jumjum Pendant
Valorous Sanctus Leather Tunic
Dartain's Conjured Band
Righteous Sanctus Leather Armguards
Ssraeshzian Ring of Yttrium
Judicious Sanctus Leather Gloves
Ph'utha's Luclizite Cuff
Righteous Sanctus Leather Legguards
Sublimated Yttrium Bracelet
Righteous Sanctus Leather Boots
Recuso Artisan's Braided Belt
Salt Crusted Jerky
Blended Hylocereus Smoothie
Fist of the Ssraeshzian Tormentor
Recuso Rhenium Knuckles
Ancient Ka Vethan Star
metallic reptile hide sack