Silaqui Silverleaf of Skyfire

Archivist's Hood
Morgelon's Hide Cloak
Manacrush's Perfect Sphere
Light of Aurorax
Archivist's Stud
Archivist's Earring
Shoulders of the Ice Fist
Silaqui Silverleaf
Mud Flung Beads
Guiding Gi of Superiority
Band of the Sunbird
Blustery Heavy Forearms of Knowing
Radiant Ring of Alliance
Hands of Torrents
Archivist's Bracelet
Earthen Terrak Leggings
Sparkling Bracelet of Synergy
Needlescale Fired Boots
Sparkling Mist Belt
Octopus Steak with Seahorse Gravy
Blended Seahorse Shake
Sword of the Gall
Archivist's Symbol
Majestrix's Command
Ammo Pouch