Sirap Spooninleadstoforkin of Skyfire

Hunter's Helm
Shadowbound Cloak of Frenzy
Shadowbound Charm of Fortitude
Shadowbound Charm of Force
Hunter's Vicious Earring
Shadowbound Earring of Force
Hunter's Mantle
Sirap Spooninleadstoforkin
Hunter's Furious Necklace
Hunter's Tunic
Hunter's Furious Ring
Hunter's Bracers
Hunter's Bolstered Ring
Hunter's Gauntlets
Hunter's Vicious Bracelet
Hunter's Pants
Shadowbound Bracelet of Fortitude
Shadowbound Chain Boots of Fortitude
Hunter's Vicious Belt
Umami Cocktail
Shadowbound Buckler of Force
Hunter's Bow
pristine dragonhide leather quiver