Ashlie Goodheart of Skyfire

Helm of the Bold Crusade
Shroud of Hidden Harvests
Compass of the Bold Crusade
Map of the Bold Crusade
Earring of the Solstice
Honified Hoops
Brilliant Pauldrons of Mastery
Ashlie Goodheart
Necklace of the Veiled Fisher
Gi of the Ashen Artisan
Mark of the Far Seas
Plate Bracers of the Omened
Radiant Ring of Alliance
Spiked Gauntlets of the Bold Crusade
Wristlet of the Bold Crusade
Gleaming Plate Greaves of Alliance
Embernaut's Gleaming Wristlet of Smoke
Sparkling Plate Sabatons of Synergy
Girdle of the Vigilant
Handama Wrapped Fillet
Sulfur Cider
Beaknik's Talon
Gustrider's Sureshot Crossbow
Dimensional Quiver