Elissent of Skyfire

Vanguard's Black Wolf Chain Helmet
Ancient Cabilisian Drape
Ball of Tiny Steel Links
Unlucky Horseshoe
Great Ape's Earring
Spike of the Scorpion Claw
Roehn Theer's Splendid Mantle
Champion's Choker of Defense
Roehn Theer's Splendid Breastplate
Prodigious Ring of the Ancients
Roehn Theer's Splendid Bracers
Tainted Band of Bending
Fireproof Cooking Mitts
Portal Master's Bangle
Sodden Gore Leggings
Ancient Cabilisian Shackle
Roehn Theer's Splendid Boots
Metallic Drolvarg Girdle
Stewed Pepper
Tranquil Toutou
Knightly Royal Short Sword of Timelessness
Roehn Theer's Pathos
Toxic Bow of Rapidity
bear hide quiver