Rishii of Skyfire

Bluefist's Spellwoven Hood
Resilient Luminous Chitin Wrap
Sovereignty of the Nizari'zhi
Recharged Travel Lamp
Mire Hoops
Verdant Umbrite Post
Bluefist's Spellwoven Sleeves
Primitive Chain of Soulthirst
Frostfell Wonderland Warm Robe
The Dying Dark
Ruthless Luminous Ever Deep Armguards
Astral Umbrite Ring
Spellwoven Luminous Ever Deep Gloves
Right Wrist
Bluefist's Resilient Pants
Preserved Ivy Wristband
Resilient Luminous Ever Deep Shoes
Cincture of the Silvered Boundary
Allu'thoa Pepper Puffer
Sanguine Blanc
Glinting Blade of Maldura
Tranquil Censer of Confinement
Illumine Umbrite Wand