Azizah Megathor of Skyfire

Ebon Chainmail Coif
Tunarian Cloak of the Alliance
pristine shadow imbued linen hex doll
pristine ruin imbued linen hex doll
War Medallion Stud
Fashioned Rhodium Hoop
Ebon Chainmail Mantle
Azizah Megathor
Fashioned Rhodium Torque
Imbued Ebon Chainmail Coat
Imbued Rhodium Band of Stamina
Ebon Chainmail Bracers
Imbued Rhodium Band of Agility
Ebon Chainmail Gloves
Fashioned Rhodium Bangle
Imbued Ebon Chainmail Leggings
Bracelet of the Portal Jumper
Ebon Chainmail Boots
Fashioned Rhodium Girdle
Giant Exotic Meat Pie
Strong Stumbler's Wine
Imbued Ebon Dirk
Imbued Ebon Dagger
Imbued Cedar Shortbow
bear hide quiver