Vahshira of Skyfire

Improved Ale Goggles
Deep Opal Cloak
Hopewell Charm of Insight
Hopewell Charm of Stratagem
Deep Opal Stud
Hopewell Earring of Insight
Petrified Drakota-Hide Mantle
Deep Opal Necklace
Chain Shirt of Certainty
Hopewell Ring of Foresight
Chain Bracers of Certainty
Deep Opal Ring
Hopewell Chain Gauntlets of Foresight
Hopewell Bracelet of Insight
Chain Sandspout Legguards
Hopewell Bracelet of Foresight
Chainmail Boots of Certainty
Deep Opal Belt
Iron Rations
Desert Parched Claws
Expedient Trickster Maul
Palaendor's Burning Ingots
pristine dragonhide leather sack