Valuraw Vrykyl of Skyfire

Thurgadin Protector's Barbute
Almighty Cloak of the Othmir Guard
Spyglass of the Gnome Buccaneer
Bauble of Blocking Fists
Barracuda Fang Earring of Velocity
Fugivity Suffused Spirit Shards
Vambraces of Steadfast Posture
Valuraw Vrykyl
Cleansed Torque of the Sea God
Glyph-Etched Breastplate
Snowfang Warrior Engraved Ring
Thurgadin Protector's Bracers
Fiver's Lucky Ring of Shells
Glyph-Stitched Gauntlets
Acid-etched Clasp
Plate Greaves of the Circling Destiny
Bangle of the Icewing
Gruengach Summoned Polished Greaves
Warwolf Studded Collar
Luscious Cranberry Pie with Cream
Tottering Brute
Othmir Guard's Sword
Othmir Guard's Kite Shield
Longbow of mighty Lodizal
pristine horned leather quiver