Valura Vrykyl of Skyfire

Frosted Crystal Plate Helm
Whisper-woven Greatcape
Luminous Gem of the Final Enumeration
Emblem of Vex Thal
Harmonic Spirit Caller Stud
Farsight Adjutant Earring
Unseen Darkprowler's Pauldrons
Valura Vrykyl
Shadeweaver's Solidified Venom Necklace
Waste Reaper's Plate Breastplate
Band of Toil
Minted Robust Vambraces
Blood Ring of Pain
Clairvoyant Familiar Plate Gloves
Luminous Bangle of the Final Enumeration
Clairvoyant Familiar Legplates
Farsight Familiar Bracelet
Skyking's Plate Boots of Frenzy
Girdle of Peculiar Allies
Tegi Meatloaf
Gravel Leaf Tea
Broken Lute of Broken Dreams
Unassailable Bulwark
Void Sealed Longbow
pristine horned leather quiver