Trestralea Stormstrider of Skyfire

Hierophant's Cap of Rebirth
Scaled Netmen's Cloak
Orb of Hardened Dust
Frost Healer's Brooch
Clerical Bauble of Persevering Faith
Mystical Orb of the Healer
Armwraps of Robust Stance
Trestralea Stormstrider
Roekillik Hide Choker
Hierophant's Vine Wrapped Tunic
Band of Horn Dust
Hierophant's Bands of Rebirth
Wyvern Eye Ring
Reet Warrior's Gloves
Hawker's Bangle
Tenacious Leggings
Spiny Needle Band
Devoured-hide Boots
Roekillik Hide Girdle
Trout Oshizushi
Summer Falchion
Buckler of Void-Tainted Lava
Eternal Staff of the Sun