Duggan Fireforge of Skyfire

Righteous Sanctus Greathelm
Querent of Ruin Cloak
Al'Kabor's Scintillating Pestle
Refulgent Crystal Stud
Annealed Shadelink Hoop
Platemail Righteous Sanctus Vambraces
Duggan Fireforge
Dirigible Jumjum Pendant
Veilwalker's Plate Breastplate
Recuso Tor Icon Ring
Veilwalker's Plate Bracers
Dartain's Conjured Band
Veilwalker's Plate Gauntlets
Veilwalker's Ornament
Desolate Greaves
Veilwalker's Bracelet
Righteous Sanctus Sabatons
Shadowbane Belt
ale cheese soup in a bread bowl
Herbal Flame
Desolate Hatchet
Veilwalker's Shield
Veilwalker's Crossbow
pristine stonehide leather quiver