Rhakasha of Skyfire

Gruesome Helm of Detachment
Iron Stalker's Wrap
Mark of Agility
Symbol of Agility
Stud of Bugbear Bones
Scout's Earring
Keen Bandit's Chain Spaulders
Darklight Medium's Torque
Vicious Advancer's Small Link Chain Tunic
Radiant Ring
Eerie Chainlinks of Nightmares
Loop of Fading Clouds
Keen Bandit's Chain Gloves
Blackened Irontoe Manacle
Shade's Leggings
Irontoe Sapper's Wristlet
Keen Bandit's Chain Shoes
Opulent Cummerbund of the Brigade Stalker
Eerie Head Severer
Gruesome Head Severer
Iron Archer's Bow
bear hide quiver