Gallina of Skyfire

Peerless Sentry's Helmet
Fighter's Cloak
Petrified Cocoon
Symbol of Strength
Fighter's Earring
Earhoop of Bugbear Bones
Peerless Sentry's Pauldrons
Fighter's Necklace
Believer's Wrought Plate Cuirass of the Holystriker
Tainted Ring of Immortality
Peerless Sentry's Bracers
Emblem of Twisted Cogs
Believer's Plate Gloves of Devotion
Bracelet of Scuffed Shards
Knight's Greaves
Hammered Irontoe Manacle
Peerless Sentry's Sabatons
Opulent Cummerbund of the Brigade Defender
Cabbage Stew
Creamed Black Coffee
General's Wicked Axe
Berserker's Bludgeoning Bow
Small Ammo Pouch