Celene Vrykyl of Skyfire

Ruthless Acrylia Chain Crown
Whisper-woven Greatcape
Claw of Khati Sha
Emblem of Vex Thal
Earring of Peculiar Allies
Mistwork Leyline Stud
Stabilized Prospector Mantle
Celene Vrykyl
Tuatara Tooth Necklace
Stabilized Tunneler Hauberk
Signet of Peculiar Allies
Minted Seeker Armguards
Singing Yttrium Ring
Minted Seeker Gauntlets
Pavolina's Gold Bracelet
Minted Seeker Linked Leggings
Mistwork Leyline Cufflink
Transfixed Bewitcher's Chain Boots
Sharpie's Belt
Tegi Meatloaf
Gravel Leaf Tea
Taja's Beast Tamer
Recovered Gatekeeper Bow
Adventurer's Ammo Pouch