Mezakeen Vrykyl of Skyfire

Eidolon's Hood of Force
Whisper-woven Greatcape
Emblem of Vex Thal
Claw of Khati Sha
Harmonic Spirit Caller Stud
Earring of Peculiar Allies
Darkmana's Cloth Mantle of Fortitude
Mezakeen Vrykyl
Plated Torque of the Shadowed Excursion
Worthy's Robe of Force
Band of the Shadowed Excursion
Minted Scrivener Wrist Wraps
Darkened Shissar Bone Ring
Despoiler's Cloth Hands of Frenzy
Wristlet of the Shadowed Excursion
Minted Seeker Woven Leggings
Bracelet of Peculiar Allies
Minted Scrivener Softened Shoes
Brutto's Holster
Tegi Meatloaf
Gravel Leaf Tea
Taja's Beast Tamer
Hope's Beacon
Scout's Crossbow of Fortitude
bear hide quiver