Kikena of Skyfire

Improved Ale Goggles
Fatesilk Cloak
Blessed Arcanium Pearl
Tishan's Trinket
Starfire Crystal Stud
Khalizevva Signant Hoop
Tishan's Spellwoven Spaulders
Starfire Crystal Necklace
Tishan's Obdurate Breastplate
Khalizevva Signant Ring
Tishan's Obdurate Gussets
Blessed Arcanium Ring
Tishan's Resilient Gauntlets
Fate's Braided Bracelet
Tishan's Spellwoven Greaves
Awe Leather Bracelet
Tishan's Resilient Sabatons
Awe-Link Belt
Stormwrought Casserole
Endless Void
Imbued Steel Long Sword
Imbued Steel Tower Shield
Whispertrigger, Crossbow of Unremitted Questing
metallic reptile hide quiver