Vasugar of Skyfire

Leather Cowl of the Greenmist
Shroud of the Greenmist
Charm of Tol'Ren
Twark Battlemaster's Battle Totem
Earring of the Greenmist
Earring of Warslik
Leather Mantle of Warslik
Necklace of Warslik
Leather Breastplate of Tol'Ren
Signet of Tol'Ren
Leather Bracers of Tol'Ren
Signet of Warslik
Leather Gauntlets of the Greenmist
Bracelet of the Greenmist
Sovereign's Leather Greaves
Bracelet of Tol'Ren
Leather Boots of Tol'Ren
Sash of Tol'Ren
cheesy spaghetti
canteen of purified river water
Warhammer of Tol'Ren
Mace of the Greenmist
Hammers of Warslik
pristine etched leather sack