Blithe O'Dayle of Skyfire

Rubicite Helm of Endurance
Spreading Plague
Everburning Arcane Candle
The Book of Signs
Hoop of the Flask
Earstud of the Alchemist
Rubicite Shoulders of Endurance
Blithe O'Dayle
Collector's Trinket Necklace
Rubicite Breastplate of Endurance
Reign of the Twelve Kings
Rubicite Bracers of Endurance
Ring of Wonderment
Rubicite Gauntlets of Endurance
Bloody Band of Nightmares
Rubicite Greaves of Endurance
Gliderail's Gilded Wrist
Rubicite Boots of Endurance
Cincture of Iniquity
Giant Raptor Sandwich
Strong Battle Swill
Mace of the Exiled
Towerguard of the Shapers
Skewer, the Equalizer
Dimensional Quiver