Order of Concord Polices

Membership Policy

We hope you have come to this section of the website with an interest in joining our guild. Please take a moment to read through the information below. It will give you information on who we are and how to join.

Who Are We?

We are a family of friends who have come together under the guild leadership of Healani Goodheart, to follow the standards that she has presented to us, and have fun along the way.

Our mission is to go forth helping and healing all those in need, to the best of our abilities. We will not turn our backs on those who seek our help. We live our lives with duty, pride, and honor.

This guild does not tolerate constant begging for either items or power-leveling. While there are some guilds that actively promote and provide for this, we are not one of them. If this is what you are looking for, the Order of Concord may not be the right choice in guilds for you.

Who Can Join?

Order of Concord is open to all race/class combinations provided they abide by the OoC Charter and have reached their 10th season.

Once a person has become a full member, they may have their alternates invited into the guild, if they so choose.

Members who leave the guild on good terms, then decide that they wish to return may rejoin the guild in one of two ways. If their remove date is within two weeks of wanting to rejoin, they may be re-invited, as if they never left. If the remove date is longer than two weeks, they will need to re-apply as if they were a new member.

How Do I Join?

Step One: Read the OoC Policies

  • Read the Order of Concord Charter and all Guild Policies
  • If you can not abide by this code, you can stop at this point. The Order of Concord is not for you. However, if you can agree to embrace this code and live it as a member of the Order, please continue on.

Step Two: find and talk to an Order of Concdord Recruiter

  • You can find one online by using the guild recruiting tool or typing /who "Order of Concord" all and asking a member to direct you to a recruiter.
  • If after the discussion with the recruiter you would like to join OoC, just let the recruiter know you would like an invite.

Step Three: Get promoted to full member of the guild

  • The initiation period will be a minimum of two weeks. How much longer it lasts than that, is up to how long it takes you to complete the 2 steps needed to be promoted.
  • Complete the following two steps to become a full member:
    • Fill out our online application.
    • Get to know our members and find at least one Sponsor.
      • Once you have found someone willing to sponsor you ask them to fill out the sponsorship form. Please note that your sponosor will not be able to fill out a sponsorship form until your application has been accepted, as your name won't appear on the list.
      • An initiate will not be promoted to full membership without at least one valid sponsor.
    • NOTE: Once you become an initiate it is your responsibilty to get to know others within the guild and find yourself a sponsor.

Step Four: Promotion to full member

  • Promotions will be announced at our monthly guild meeting.